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Desert truffles (Kmehin)

MSc PhD and Postdoc available positions

The local desert truffle grows in the Negev desert in symbiosis(mycorrhiza) with its host plant Helianthemum sessiliflorum. We study the fungus to develop it as a new crop.

We study the following topics:
  1. The pre-symbiotic signal exchange between three partners(chemotropism) fungus-plant- bacteria.
  2. Transcriptome analyses of the fungus and the plant grownunder various conditions leading to different lifestyles of thefungus (Ect/Endo lifestyles).
  3. The ecology aspects of living in the desert and symbiosis-mating system, survival, development.

The work is carried at all levels including physiology, molecularbiology, bioinformatics and ecology.
The laboratory is located at Beer-Sheva
The host carrying fruit body of the fungus.
נא להתקשר: פרופ' ירון שטרית
טל: 054-5775924