The aims of the Society are to promote the interest in and encourage research on various Plant Science-related fields, and to encourage collaborations between members of the society and members of similar societies worldwide. The society strives to promote botanical educational programs for schools and for the general public, and to develop ties with the biotechnology industry.

Some History

The Israel Society of Botany was founded by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the 1930s, as a similar Society to those existing in Europe. The Society founded the Palestine Journal of Botany, which after the establishment of the State of Israel became the Israel Journal of Botany. The journal published papers related to systemic, physiological and ecological research on plants of Israel and the Near East. In addition to the publication of this journal, the Society would organize a conference once in two years during which research works were presented by researchers and their students. These conferences served as a platform for the exchange of opinions on botanical research in Israel. At a later point, the Israel Journal of Botany was transferred to private ownership.
In the 1990s the Israel Botanic Society merged with the Israeli Society for Plant Tissue Culture, to become the Israeli Society of Plant Science, and since then the Society has held annual conferences which have dealt with the most innovative issues of botanical research which have emerged over the last few years.



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